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A Sikh Indian American couple, Harisimran Kaur Khalsa (r) and Davindar Singh (second from left), is raising funds to help feed homeless people in California’s San Diego County. (Duwara Consciousness Foundation/Facebook photo)

Some people are so rich, all they have is money, and some people are so poor, all they need is money. And Duwara Consciousness Foundation, founded by Sikh American couple, Harisimran Kaur Khalsa and Davindar Singh, aims to help bring unity to “all people whether you are rich with assets, rich with love and health through our yoga and nature programs.”

The NGO’s mission, it describes on its website, includes teaching compassion, providing hunger relief and promoting equality. As part of their effort, the couple is raising funds to help feed homeless people in San Diego county in Southern California.

After encountering some obstacles while feeding needy people in Oceanside, Calif.’s Joe Balderrama Park, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune, the couple is now raising money to buy a trailer that will provide even more meals to people throughout the county. The van will be used to distribute food, sleeping bags, blankets and other essential items for the homeless.

“We have a lot of friends who are from different faiths, and in all honesty, it’s in all of our faith to help others,” Singh told the publication. “I can tell you that in Sikhism, our simple point of being here is to help everybody, regardless of their personal faith, regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their personal circumstances. That is our job, and I think that’s a human’s job to do something like that.”

Khalsa told the publication that “It’s a rough neighborhood. On a week-to-week basis, we’d typically see somebody getting arrested.” And after seeing a nine-year-old boy who appeared to be on drugs, they decided to do help the community. But their efforts, she said, were thwarted after the city officials notified them that they needed a special permit to feed people in the park.

“It was more of a crossroads for us,” Khalsa told The San Diego Union-Tribune. “We decided, rather than go that direction, we would go the food-trailer route and go to a lot of different spots.”

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, apart from the funds that they’ve already raised, they estimate they’ll need $40,000 for the trailer, equipment and permits they expect they’ll need from cities and the county.

The group’s fundraising effort includes an online auction,, and a GoFundMe page that can be found at

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