Vidhima shetty

Indian American teen Vidhima Shetty, of San Ramon, Calif., with her recently published book, "An Adolescent's Guide to ME/CFS," that sheds light on chronic fatigue syndrome. (photo provided)

An Indian American high school girl from San Ramon, Calif., has published a book discussing chronic fatigue syndrome.

The book, "An Adolescent's Guide to ME/CFS," written by 17-year-old Vidhima Shetty, attempts to shed light on a little-known disease that affects over 24 million people around the world.

Shetty's book provides a clear and concise overview of a disease with no cure, pinpointed cause, or FDA-approved treatment, and dives deep to reveal the struggle of patients that have to cope with one of the world’s biggest medical mysteries, according to the young author.

To help fund research in this field, Shetty is donating all proceeds from her book to the Open Medicine Foundation, which uses advanced scientific research to find a cure for this disease, a news release said.

“I wrote this book because I wanted to educate more people about this life-altering disease,” Shetty said in a statement. “I couldn’t imagine what ME/CFS patients, especially those who are my age, have to go through if they didn’t know much about the disease.”

Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME/CFS for short, can affect any individual, regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender, and causes patients to endure profound fatigue after limited amounts of physical or mental exertion, the release said.

Although millions of patients suffer with the disease, there is a severe lack of awareness for ME/CFS among the general public and the medical community.

After learning that ME/CFS was one of the leading causes of long-term absences among students at educational institutes, Shetty wanted to do what she could to help, it said.

After writing an article about ME/CFS for her school’s newspaper and receiving international recognition for her work, she decided to write a book about the disease.

Shetty is on a mission to educate her community about ME/CFS by reaching out to hospitals, doctors, school boards and city councils. An avid reader and writer, she is also the founder of The Write Reason (, a writing blog that is geared to helping other people with their writing.

Readers of her book have expressed great enthusiasm for her efforts and praise her ability to simplify the complex disease so that it accessible for all age groups, particularly teenagers and young adults, according to the release.

Julie Rehmeyer, author of Through the Shadowlands and contributing editor at Discover magazine said, “An Adolescent's Guide to ME/CFS is an essential book addressing a hidden health crisis. Young people dealing with this devastating disease not only have to deal with their illness but with the lack of understanding from the outer world. This book will both give them and their families the practical information they need and will be a balm, leaving them feeling less alone and misunderstood."

“An Adolescent’s Guide to ME/CFS” is now available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Kindle, among other platforms.

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