sangeeta nischal

Dr. Sangeeta Nischal (right), an Indian American candidate for the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Schools Board of Education, has been endorsed by New York-based Indian American community leader Dilip Chauhan. (photo provided)

Long Island, New York-based Indian American community leader Dilip Chauhan May 8 announced his endorsement for New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Schools Board of Education candidate Dr. Sangeeta Nischal.

“Dr. Sangeeta Nischal is a proven, engaged, and respected community leader,” Chauhan said in a statement. “I have known Dr. Nischal for some time and I can honestly state that she will be an asset to the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District. For this reason, I strongly urge New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School district voters to elect Dr. Sangeeta Nischal on May 21.”

Nischal says she believes education should extend past the classroom and text books.

“To achieve this, we need to collaboratively work with our teachers,” she said in a statement. “If elected to the board, I would work towards this whole-child education approach in a safe environment without burdening our community with extra taxes. I am very grateful to receive endorsement from one of the most respected South Asian community leader Dilip Chauhan.”

Nischal also works actively with school district administration to improve the standards of education and also volunteers in school by being an active volunteer on different committees.

Chauhan said that, as a leader in his community, he continues to urge and encourage the South Asian community to make a positive difference by getting involved and supporting each other.

Nischal has a doctorate in cancer biology and serves as a visiting scientist at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.

Outside of her career, she has served on a volunteer level in various capacities. Among her community volunteerism is serving on the School Vision Committee, the building level team, the Multicultural Committee, an active participant in the PTA at New Hyde Park Road School, in classrooms in other schools in the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School, and as a den leader with Pack 544 of Cub Scouts.

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