Bobby Kumar Kalotee, an Indian American candidate for lieutenant governor of New York, and running mate New York gubernatorial hopeful Steve Cohn launched the newly-formed Sapient Party and their campaigns Sept. 8 in New York City aboard the Zephyr, a ship that ferries passengers to the Statue of Liberty.

Celebrities in attendance included former National Football League player Jack Brewer, who hosted the event, and other current and former players from the NFL and the National Basketball Association.

“I am here to support (Kalotee and Cohn) because they care for all the people irrespective of who they are or where they came from,” Brewer said.

“I have worked with Bobby on many charitable missions such as taking doctors to Central America, Haiti or Malawi to treat the underserved population. We had also provided relief in times of disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti and floods in El Salvador and Guatemala,” he added.

Kalotee said that the Sapient Party “will be the voice of the people, because we are inclusive of all, not exclusive of any.” Many so-called public servants “become public bosses. They forget they made a promise to serve as public servants,” he added.

The Indian American candidate is a former vice chairman of the Republican Party of Nassau County, former national chairman of the All American Political Party, ex-vice chairman of New York state’s Independence Party Committee and served as national executive director of the Independence Party of America.

Kalotee also served as a trustee of New York State University at Stony Brook and was named a special liaison for South Asia by Malawi President Joyce Hilda Banda.

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