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Aruna Miller (center) visiting Artisans Gallery. The Indian American candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District seat has received the backing of a scientists group, who said that “there aren't many people with scientific or technical backgrounds in elected office.” (Facebook/Aruna Miller photo)

As Aruna Miller ramps up her campaign in her quest to win the 6th Congressional District seat in Maryland, a scientists group has announced its allegiance to the Indian American candidate.

The Washington-based non-profit 314 Action, a 2016-founded group named after the first three numbers of pi that boasts it takes a more rational approach to problem solving, announced its backing of Miller.

“There aren't many people with scientific or technical backgrounds in elected office,” said Shaughnessy Naughton, the group’s president and a chemist who ran Democratic campaigns for Congress in Pennsylvania in 2014 and 2016, according to a Baltimore Sun report. “I think we would benefit from not only the diversity of thought that that brings, but also the approach to problem solving that scientists and engineers have.”

Miller is a state delegate in the Montgomery County district who retired recently after 25 years as a traffic engineer for Montgomery County. She is among a handful of Democrats looking to succeed Rep. John Delaney, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination (see earlier India-West story).

Miller, who has represented portions of Montgomery County in the House of Delegates since 2011, studied civil engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, previously known as University of Missouri-Rolla. She worked in Los Angeles County before joining Montgomery County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation, the Sun reported.

It’s not clear how much influence 314 Action will have in the district, particularly given the amount of money likely to be spent on advertising, it said.

The scientists group had just over $11,000 in the bank at the end of June, according to Federal Election Commission filings, according to the publication.

Naughton said the group has as many as 20,000 members in Maryland.

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