Self-proclaimed activist Kshama Sawant, an Indian American official who was vying for a second term on the Seattle City Council, was re-elected to represent the major U.S. city’s third district.

Prior to the election, Sawant was rapidly gaining momentum with endorsements from dignitaries, organizations and small business owners, among others.

Her main platform push is to make Seattle affordable to all and her way of showing she is serious about that motto is by taking the average working salary for her seat in office. The rest of the money is donated to a solidarity fund, she said.

Sawant edged out her competitor, Pamela Banks, for the District 3 seat 55.9 percent to 43.81 percent, securing a four-year term.

Sawant and her team hope to build a new kind of politics “that fights unapologetically for working families, and not corporations,” according to Sawant’s campaign page.

During her campaign efforts, Sawant and her team raised about $500,000. Her push for the average resident in Seattle, including helping to end poverty by promoting a $15 per hour minimum wage (I-W June 12, 2014, garnered support not only locally, but nationwide as well.

Sawant pledged four years ago when she took office that she wears the “badge of socialist with pride,” and promised to be true to the people she represents.

According to her campaign page, the Indian American politician said she worked hard for the working class and “never relented in her unapologetic fight for the interest of working people.”

The campaign page added that, “By no means does our work end tonight. We need to use this opportunity and build on our victory.”

Her team urged people to join Socialist Alternative to help build a stronger movement to help Sawant’s platforms for the working class people to come to fruition.

“This victory belongs to socialists and working class people everywhere. Together, we have a world to win,” the campaign team added.

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