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Shiva Ayyadurai, U.S. Senate candidate in Massachusetts, has announced that he has relinquished his affiliation with the Republican Party and will continue his run for the seat as an Independent. The Indian American entrepreneur said, "Today, we the people, declare our independence from the sewer of Massachusetts career politicians and their cronies that feed the swamp in Washington, D.C.” (photo provided)

Indian American candidate Shiva Ayyadurai Nov. 11 at a news conference in Marlborough, Mass., announced he has parted ways with the Republican Party and will continue his pursuit of the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts as an Independent.

The self-proclaimed creator of the email, who announced his candidacy for the seat earlier this year (see India-West article here) as a Republican to give the country a “21st Century senator,” dumped the state’s GOP establishment for their betrayal of Republican voters and the people of Massachusetts.

"Today, we the people, declare our independence from the sewer of Massachusetts career politicians and their cronies that feed the swamp in Washington, D.C.,” Ayyadurai said at the news conference.

The news conference was attended by many Ayyadurai supporters who were clad in custom T-shirts which read, “Declare Your Independence. The Establishment Is One. The Republicans and Democrats Profit from War and Sickness."

“The way I look at it, the world is establishment versus change agents,” the candidate, who is looking to unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Warren, continued. “The establishment is people who want to keep things the way they are and change agents are people like me.”

Ayyadurai continued at his news conference that career politicians have yet to deliver much of anything, citing bad infrastructure and subways, inordinate opioid addiction rates and less-than-stellar public integrity.

The Indian American noted that his campaign remained focused on three main objectives: health, jobs and creating a “clean” government.

Ayyadurai has emerged as a systems scientist, inventor and entrepreneur since coming to the U.S. nearly four decades ago. He also calls himself the “Real Innovator” and “All American Indian” on his campaign page.

He believes that Washington, D.C., needs true problem solvers as opposed to politicians who “are just screaming at each other.”

The candidate believes he should be elected because he’s “not part of the political machine,” because he’s an American who holds a job, owning seven companies, and doesn’t aim to call his elected post his primary work. He claims most elected officials just use their post as a funding vehicle.

“I hope to inspire people,” he told India-West in an interview earlier this year. “In the first 100 days when I get in, we’re going to be proposing solutions through our bills and get people involved around that.”

The Massachusetts U.S. Senate election is Nov. 6, 2018.

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