Kincade Fire:

Sikhs for Humanity served evacuees from the Kincade Fire at the Marin County Fairground Shelter. (photo provided)

An organization comprising and formed with the help of all Northern California Gurudwaras, known as Sikhs for Humanity, served dinner to over 700 Kincade Fire emergency evacuation center residents of the temporary shelter set up at Marin County Fairgrounds in city of San Rafael.

A special thanks was issued to the Fremont Gurudwara for preparing hot meals at such short notice. 

The shelter is set up by Red Cross and Salvation Army where individuals, families, including men, women, children of all ages are taking shelter after mandatory fire evacuation from Sonoma county.

Over 75,000 acres have been burned and 124 structures damaged out of which 57 were homes in this fire, the release said.

Sikhs for Humanity reached out to partner agencies and groups after recent mass evacuations due to the fire emergency and assessed evacuation center needs.

After reviewing the situation, SFH decided to assist the Salvation Army and Red Cross and pledged to continue their support as per community needs.

Food was transported in three pick-up trucks by volunteers and the dining area was set up inside the shelter. Shelter residents, the Red Cross and Salvation Army welcomed SFH volunteers and appreciated the delicious vegetarian food, the release said.

Additional hot meals for 500 individuals was also served by an SFH mountain house team of volunteers at St. Mary’s Dining Room in Stockton. St. Mary’s Dining Room is a community kitchen open to the public where free breakfast, lunch and dinner is served throughout the year, the release added.

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