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Meghan Pasricha was among three people recognized with a 2017 World of Children Alumni Award. The Indian American social entrepreneur, co-founder of Global Youth H.E.L.P., will be honored April 19. ( photo)

The World of Children organization, which funds and recognizes individuals globally who are exclusively serving the needs of vulnerable children, March 7 announced Megan Pasricha as one of its recipients of the 2017 World of Children Alumni Awards.

Pasricha is a co-founder of Global Youth H.E.L.P., a nonprofit that runs health, education, and leadership training programs for children in India and the United States.

The Indian American social entrepreneur was chosen for expanding her impact and continuing to unlock the future for even more children with disabilities.

“This award will give us the tools and resources to continue expanding our youth leadership and empowerment programs, and to provide more young people with the tools to become leaders today,” she said in a statement.

Pasricha thrusted herself into community service as a teenager. A sufferer of asthma, Pasricha became an advocate for tobacco control and health when she started high school. And in 2001, she worked to mobilize youth for the successful passage of Delaware’s Statewide Smoking Ban.

She founded Global Youth H.E.L.P. — — while studying at Harvard University. Along with her sister, the organization worked to build a global network of youth leaders who are dedicated to making a difference in the world, the news release said.

Pasricha received a World of Children Youth Award in 2007 for her leadership in mobilizing young people to change the world.

Since then, the organization has transformed itself from an anti-tobacco organization into a global youth movement, World of Children said.

Today, the organization offers a variety of programs, including anti-tobacco education, leadership training, health camps for underprivileged children, computer literacy, school supply donation programs and more, it added.

All the World of Children Alumni Awards recipients will be honored April 19.

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