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Indian American strategy consultant Purnima Nath started a non-profit dedicated to building U.S.-India relationships.(Twitter/PurnimaNath photo)

Strategy consultant Purnima Nath announced her candidacy for the Milwaukee County Executive seat Nov. 19 at the Milwaukee County Courthouse Rotunda.

Nath says, “We firmly believe that if we are to make Milwaukee County a better place to live, grow, and raise a family, we must all do our part to change it,” said the Indian American.

The candidate believes that the system is broken, and the community deserves better.

The leaders, she says, are divided, and discord and blame are pulling people apart. The neighborhoods face different challenges and not everyone experiences the same opportunity in life, she notes in her release.

Nath is an immigrant and a proud American citizen, with an extremely humble background. She is not a politician but believes it is her duty to serve the community and has dedicated her life to do so, according to the news release.

“I know what it means to have barely anything. I know what it means to push oneself. Growing up, we had a pair of shoes, two pair of clothes, handed-down worn-out books, and we read in candlelights,” Nath said in a statement. “I am not a career politician. I bring in real life struggles, small accomplishments and a great deal of hope!”

Milwaukee County deserves better, she says. Nath says the community needs a county executive with the education and experience to lead but knows what it’s like to face hardship. She is experienced managing both corporate and non-profit organizations.

Nath earned her M.B.A. at Northwestern University and spent years in management and strategy consulting helping organizations and corporations grow and become more efficient, the release notes. 

After an accomplished career, she decided to focus on the community. She started a non-profit dedicated to building U.S.-India relationships, which has helped local businesses grow and create jobs. Nath is the creator of IndiaFest, a popular local ethnic festival in the Bayview. 

“I believe in Milwaukee,” Nath said. “Let’s move ahead.”

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