Srijita Ghosh

East Central University student Srijita Ghosh (right) wins the i2E Love's Entrepreneur's Cup pitch competition. ( photo)

An Indian American senior at Ada, Okla.-based East Central University has won an entrepreneur pitch competition and is already putting her skills to work.

The university said that Kolkata native Srijita Ghosh won the pitch competition and took second in the small business division at the i2E Love’s Entrepreneur’s Cup last spring and is putting her winning idea to work.

Ghosh’s winning product is called “StoPanic,” an emergency device, resembling a hearing aid, designed to help people overcome panic attacks by playing calming music when it detects certain physiological changes, the university said in a news release.

“I am currently working on patenting my product with the $10,000 prize money that I won for the competition,” said Ghosh in the news release. “Dr. Stacy Bolin, my mentor, coached me through this.”

Ghosh was primed for that statewide collegiate competition by virtue of placing second in ECU’s own Tiger Tank pitch competition last November, it said.

The senior said winning the university competition gave her a confidence boost, despite her feeling overwhelmed at times. “I gave my best and I’m very happy,” she said in the report.

Ghosh has also received coaching from James Eldridge, interim president and CEO of the Ada Jobs Foundation, according to the report.

“He helped me in preparing for my competition,” said Ghosh, who was recently hired by Eldridge as an intern and entrepreneurship specialist for the Ada Jobs Foundation, the university said. “With the entrepreneurship strategy, it’s something I want to do in my career.”

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