McAllister sentencing

Teenager Tyrone McAllister, who brutally attacked a 71-year-old Indian American man, Sahib Singh Natt (pictured), in Manteca, Calif., last August during the course of a robbery, was sentenced to one year in county jail. ( photo)

A teenager who pleaded guilty to brutally assaulting a Central California elderly Indian American Sikh man during the course of a robbery, smirked several times Dec. 11 as he was sentenced to one year in San Joaquin, Calif., county jail.

Tyrone McAllister, 18, and a 16-year-old boy were arrested Aug. 8 on suspicion of attempted robbery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon following the Aug. 6 morning attack in Manteca, Calif., of 71-year-old Sahib Singh Natt. McAllister’s accomplice has not been named because of his age.

McAllister is the estranged son of Union City, Calif., Police Chief Darryl McAllister. After his son was arrested, the police chief wrote a letter to Natt, apologizing for his son’s behavior and noting that he had fallen in with “bad elements.”

Natt was walking in Greystone Park Park near his Manteca home on the morning he was attacked. Surveillance video showed him being approached by two people in hoodies. The elderly Indian American tried to walk away, but McAllister and his accomplice continued to confront him.

Natt put his hands up. One of the two attackers kicked him to the ground. As Natt tried to defend himself, he was kicked to the ground again, and then repeatedly. The attackers then fled, but one returned to spit on the victim.

Singh sustained injuries to his head, chest, arms, and lower abdomen; he continued to suffer pain for weeks after he was attacked. (See earlier India-West story here:

In court Dec. 11, San Joaquin County Judge Michael Mulvihill sentenced 18-year-old McAllister to a year in county jail for the attempted robbery of Natt. A charge of elder abuse was dropped after McAllister pleaded guilty to attempted robbery.

The attacker appeared nonchalant and smirked several times as a friend of Natt read out a victim impact statement before the sentence was pronounced.

“I hope you do receive punishment for your crimes, but also get time to repent and hopefully one day break free and not turn into a life full of crimes,” said Natt’s victim impact statement, which was read by friend Parminder Sahi, as reported by The Stockton Record.

“I stand before you today as a Sikh American beaten, but not defeated,” read Sahi for Natt in court. “I didn’t know how I would react if I ever got to stand in front of the individuals that had done this to me.”

“And as this case has progressed, I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions from sadness, anger, vigilance and remorse, not for myself, but for you, Mr. McAllister.”

“We live in a great land of opportunities for all of us and you have so much left to throw it away by assaulting someone five to six times your age,” said Natt in his victim impact statement.

McAllister did not make a statement before he was sentenced. Deputy District Attorney Janet Smith said in court that McAllister’s actions were “nothing short of prison worthy.”

“Take this opportunity to make a different choice and become a man,” Smith said.

Over the last three years, there has been a rise in attacks of elderly Sikh men in Central California.

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