The Oxnard, Calif., Police Department has appealed to the local community to help find a suspect for the murder of an Indian American store clerk, Labh Nigah, who was killed early morning Nov. 13, 2014.

In a video released on the third anniversary after the killing, Oxnard Police Department Detective Miguel Serrato said several witnesses have stepped up, but none have conclusively identified the killer. Eyewitnesses told police that the suspect fled on foot from the scene of the crime.

Oxnard police used DNA found near the body of Nigah to create a phenotype report that produces an image. The DNA information indicates the suspect is male, has brown or hazel eyes, and black hair, among other attributes. Witnesses described the person as a thin male, age 14 to 22, about 5-foot-8 to 6 feet tall with black hair.

In the photo (shown above), the suspect looks to be of Indian ancestry. Oxnard Police did not return a call to India-West querying whether the victim and the suspect might have known each other.

“We want to give answers to the family,” said Serrato in the video, which also features Nigah’s two daughters.

“We want to know what happened and why he did it so that we can have some peace,” said one of the daughters – who was not identified – in the video. “We want anything that can help,” she said, pleading for witnesses to come forward.

The Oxnard Police Department is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the identification of a suspect.

According to police reports, Labh Nigah Singh was found dead at a park adjacent to Sierra Linda Elementary School in Oxnard, a city in Southern California. Police and emergency medical personnel arriving at the scene determined that the long-time resident of Oxnard had suffered multiple stab wounds and was dead at the scene.

Nigah was 55 when he was killed. The 7-11 store clerk was well-known to police, who would stop by the store for a cup of coffee and a chat (see earlier story in India-West).

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