The Indus Entrepreneurs held its annual global The Young Entrepreneurs competition in the U.S. with teams from TiE Oregon and TiE Atlanta among the grand prize winners.

In addition to TiE Oregon team MelaKnow and TiE Atlanta’s Bye-bye Wifi team, TiE Hyderabad’s Pop&Lick team was also among the best overall winners at the global finals held June 22 and June 23 in Washington, D.C.

Melaknow started out as an idea in the TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program, which teaches high school students about business and entrepreneurship, in 2017, according to the team’s Facebook page.

Starting with a small group, Melaknow grew to a team of six talented high school students – including Anika Rai – who created a screening tool for skin cancers built into a smartphone app, it said.

It uses machine learning to help primary care doctors assess moles, thereby saving patients time, money, and worry, Melaknow noted.

Bye-Bye WiFi, a startup founded by five local high school students, developed a non-toxic paint primer designed to block potentially harmful WiFi signals in nurseries and children’s rooms. The team won first place for the High School TYE Pitch Competition.

The competition featured 20 teams of high school students from different chapters of The Indus Entrepreneurs from across the world, said a statement from TiE here June 25.

At the Global Final Competition, students competed in groups, created business plans and presented their ideas in front of a panel of judges and audience.

Earlier, the team Pop&Lick were declared the winners for their innovative product "Pop&Lick," an edible popsicle holder that prevents dripping. Their simple solution not only arrests the dripping but it is also an eco-friendly popsicle-holder that is fully edible itself.

Kali Prasad Gadiraju, president, TiE Hyderabad, said they were proud of the performance of the team, comprising students from various schools in Hyderabad.

The six-person Hyderabad team, led by chief executive officer Aryana Rao, was put together by the TiE Hyderabad chapter about four months ago. The team members started as strangers and came together to become a grand prize winner, according to an email by Rao's family sent to India-West.

In addition to Rao, of Chirec International School, the team included Sreeja Muppidi of Chirec International School, Sohini Kasu of Oakridge International School, Abheek Dendukuri of Sadhu Vaswani International School, Mukund T Dittakavi of Bhavans School, Vaishnavi Simran Palreddy of SilverOaks School, and Jeshurun Nikhil Chauhan of Rockwell International School.

TYE is a TiE Global initiative dedicated to chapters integrating classroom sessions, mentoring and business plan competition aimed at high school students (grades 9-12 or equivalent college students). 

TYE is designed to teach high school students entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Its core objective is to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age and provide insight into entrepreneurship and instill confidence to lead in a global environment.

(With IANS reports)

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