gurpreet singh

West Chester, Ohio resident Gurpreet Singh is charged with killing his wife and three relatives. (Branford, Connecticut, Police photo)

HAMILTON, Ohio — A hearing for an Indian American man who may face the death penalty for allegedly killing his wife and three other family members in an Ohio apartment has been further delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gurpreet Singh, 37, was indicted last year on four counts of aggravated murder in the fatal shootings of his wife, her parents and her aunt at an apartment complex in West Chester in April 2019.

Butler County Common Pleas Judge Greg Howard moved Singh's trial from Sept. 21 to May 3, 2021. He cited “issues concerning the public health crisis regarding COVID-19” and said it may be difficult to seat a jury for the necessary time period to conduct the trial in the rescheduling order.

India-West Staff Reporter adds: On April 28, Singh allegedly fatally shot his wife Shalinderjit Kaur, and his in-laws, Hakikat Singh Pannag, 59, and Parmjit Kaur, 62. He also allegedly killed his aunt Amarjit Kaur, 58, at their apartment. Singh himself called 911 to report the shootings. He told the Cincinnati Enquirer: “I have no words. The trauma has been too much. It’s too hard to even think of all that has happened. My brain is not working.”

Police noted that Singh called for help from the neighbors as he was making the call to 911. The local Sikh Indian American community provided a lot of support to the widowed man after the shootings and told local media that at least two of the victims were active members of the temple.

Singh later fled to Connecticut; he was arrested there in August and brought back to Ohio. Singh has pleaded not guilty and is being held without bond at the Butler County Jail.

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