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Screen grab of the website page for ‘Indian Voices for Trump’. (Facebook photo/US IMPACT)

The Donald Trump for President campaign earlier this month launched four new campaign coalitions aimed at the Indian American community to promote the president’s “fight for economic empowerment, quality education, and law and order,” according to a campaign press release.

The coalitions, 'Indian Voices for Trump,' 'Hindu Voices for Trump,' 'Sikhs for Trump,' and 'Muslim Voices for Trump,' will engage community members nationwide to fight against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' “socialist agenda and ensure prosperity and security for four more years,” it said.

"These four campaign coalitions represent groups that strongly support the values of President Trump and the Republican Party: freedom, democracy, and the American Dream," said Ashley Hayek, Trump’s 2020 director of Coalitions. "As Joe Biden promises to impose high taxes, undermine family values, and make our streets less safe, we stand with President Trump and his mission to Make America Great Again."

In its description of ‘Indian Voices for Trump’, the campaign says: “Indian Americans are thriving under President Trump’s commitment to honor the comprehensive global strategic partnership with India, which includes the preservation of democracy, freedom, law and order and the advancement of quality education and economic empowerment. The choice for president is clear for Indian American voters: four more years of a Trump presidency will further build on our U.S.-India partnership and secure a prosperous future for all Indian American families.”

The ‘Indian Voices for Trump’ coalition, with Dr. Merlynn Carson, Harmeet Dhillon, Mrinalini Kumari, and Al Mason as co-chairs; includes on its advisory board the following individuals: Asheesh Agarwal, Hemant Bhatt, Sridhar Chityala, Rick Desai, David Dhillon, Danny Gaekwad, Danielle D’Souza Gill, Suhail Khan, Prem Parameswaran, Sunil Puri, Dr. Maya Puri, Khushboo Rawlley, Dr. Sampat Shivangi, Saroj Singh, and Dr. Vanila Singh.

Detailing ‘Hindu Voices for Trump’, the campaign press release said: “Hindus for Trump honors contributions by the millions of Americans of Hindu faith. The inclusive economy, commitment to building up U.S.-Indian relations, and fierce support for religious liberties for all is unmatched. Re-electing President Trump will reduce obstacles to religious freedoms for Hindus in America.”

Regarding ‘Sikhs for Trump’, the release noted: “Sikh Americans for Trump recognizes the selfless service of Sikh Americans in building up their communities. Four more years of President Trump means four more years of religious freedoms and economic prosperity for Sikhs in America.”

And for the ‘Muslim Voices for Trump’ coalition, it said: “Muslim Voices for Trump will energize and mobilize the Muslim community in re-electing President Donald J. Trump by sharing the many successes of the Trump Administration. Re-electing President Trump will ensure the protection of religious liberties, economic prosperity, and educational opportunities for Muslims in America.”

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