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U.C. Berkeley law professor Sujit Choudhry has written the introductory chapter and co-edited a new book on creating constitutions, “Constitution Making.” (U.C. Berkeley School of Law photo)

U.C. Berkeley School of Law professor and former dean of the law school Sujit Choudhry has released a new volume on the process of creating constitutions.

The book, which Choudhry co-edited, “Constitution Making,” is a collection of notable academic contributions, case studies and classic topical articles on constitutional law.

“It is a privilege to be included in such a topical law series,” Choudhry said in a statement. “Constitutions are a central feature of the modern nation-state. It is important that they are well researched.”

Choudhry, an authority on comparative constitutional law, wrote the introductory chapter as well as co-edited the constitutional law series along with University of Chicago Law School professor Tom Ginsburg.

The book recounts examples of various constitution-making situations and their results.

In the book, Choudhry outlines the recent wave of constitution-making decisions made by struggling democracies in the Arab Springs, South Africa and Spain, according to the statement, all the while pointing out that even stable democracies like Chile have called for a new constitution because they want an improved document untainted by their difficult past.

“Constitution Making” was published by Edward Elgar Publishing in December 2016.

The Indian American professor has been in turmoil at U.C. Berkeley stemming from sexual harassment allegations by his former executive assistant. Choudhry stepped down from his dean’s post in March 2016 amid the allegations and returned to the university as a tenured professor in September that year.

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