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Hirsh Singh. (Twitter/Hirsh Singh photo)

Hirsh Singh, an Indian American Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey, was among a group of local GOP members and Indian American leaders who denounced Edison, New Jersey-based Democrat Planning Board Member and American Muslim Council chair Sam Khan for comments he made recently.

“Sam Khan’s remarks at a recent American Muslim Council meeting calling for ‘jihad’ to force ‘white people’ to achieve political results have no place in civil discourse,” Singh said in a statement.

Singh’s comments at his recent press conference in Middlesex County came in the wake of an incendiary speech by Khan at an American Muslim Council meeting that had caused an uproar in the Indian American community nationwide, according to a news release.

In the video, Khan also expresses racist rhetoric categorizing the American targets of their political pressure as just “white people” and denigrated the Indian American community, it said.

“Khan has shown he has absolutely no respect for Indian Americans, their contributions to the American economy or even a cursory command of American interests in Kashmir,” Singh continued. “India’s policy in Kashmir has not only the full support of President (Donald) Trump and the American government, but is also effectively bringing liberty and women’s rights to millions.”

Singh also denounced other leading Democrats for pushing the interests of Pakistan and China over the interests of America, the release added.

“Bernie Sander’s comments attacking India are on par with Sam Khan’s extremist comments in New Jersey, not to mention Representative Ro Khanna joining the Pakistani Caucus in Congress,” the U.S. Senate hopeful said at his news conference.

“This is really so unfortunate for the Indian American community,” said Hemant Bhatt, founder and chairman of SARC. “We cannot allow any kind of call for terrorism in this country.”

Singh said he would remain committed to ensuring Indian Americans recognize how the Democratic Party woefully fails to represent them.

“If the Democratic Party is serious about representing Indian Americans, they ought to immediately denounce and remove people like Sam Khan from their party altogether,” Singh said. “And if they’re not going to do that, that is a wake-up call for Indian Americans across the country.

“If you’re a registered Democrat, you’d better stop,” he continued. “Either become Independent or register Republican because that is the only place you can be if you want real representation.”

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