geeta anand

Journalist Geeta Anand. ( photo)

Veteran Indian American journalist Geeta Anand has been appointed Dean of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

In the announcement Oct. 21, UCB Chancellor Carol Christ and Provost A. Paul Alivisatos said that after a national search, Interim Dean Anand has been appointed Dean effective immediately.

An esteemed veteran journalist specializing in narrative writing and investigative reporting, Anand began teaching at Berkeley in 2018. She also serves as director of the Investigative Reporting Program, noted the UCB press release.

The journalist began her career covering local government in Vermont before going on to become the city hall bureau chief for the Boston Globe, and later serving as a foreign correspondent in India for The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, the release said.

Anand is the author of the non-fiction book The Cure. She was a key member of the team of reporters that won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting for their coverage of the history and consequences of corporate scandals in America. She was a finalist for a 2004 Pulitzer Prize for her contributions to a series of articles that revealed how hidden decision makers make critical choices about who gets health care, writing the lead article for that series.

Among her other honors, Anand is also the recipient of the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism, the Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting, and the Danny Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting.

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