Vijay Sazawal

U.S Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker appointed 39 people to the Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee. Among the appointees was Vijay Sazawal (above), an Indian American who has served two previous terms on the committee, the last one ending in 2014. ( photo)

Vijay Sazawal was named by the U.S. Department of Commerce to the Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker announced Dec. 13.

The Indian American, a global civil nuclear trade consultant at Darnestown, Md.-based International Atomic Energy Consulting, was among 39 appointees to the committee.

The committee, comprised of senior-level, private-sector representatives, was established in 2008 and advises the secretary of commerce on the development and administration of programs and policies to expand the export competitiveness of U.S. civil nuclear products and services.

“Maintaining U.S. leadership in the nuclear industry is critical to our country’s economic vitality and to global efforts to combat climate change,” said Pritzker in a statement. “The Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee is a valuable mechanism for private-sector representatives to contribute to policy discussions and work with government leaders to create the conditions that will strengthen U.S. competitiveness in this sector.”

Sazawal, who has previously served two terms in the committee, has four decades of nuclear industry experience in managing projects across the entire fuel cycle covering advanced reactor systems at Westinghouse, back-end at Cogema and front-end at USEC.

Throughout his career, Sazawal has either led or participated at senior management levels in numerous government nuclear programs both nationally and internationally.

Additionally, Sazawal was a subject matter expert on the U.S.-India civil nuclear agreement for the U.S. India Business Council.

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