On June 8 and June 9, Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America president Dr. Abhaya Asthana met VHPA’s executives and volunteers of the Los Angeles and Irvine chapters to encourage the activities of both chapters.

During his visit, Asthana talked about issues including the VHPA mission and projects to be adopted by the chapters; the celebration of its Golden Jubilee ceremony in 2020; the celebration of the Threads Conference in November this year, to be held in Boston; how to make the role of chapters more effective; to motivate temples to organize youth activities and inspire youths to attend; to conduct a Seva project in America and in India, and others.

On the first day, Asthana met with the VHPA Irvine chapter team for afternoon session, and explained the aforementioned subjects.

In the evening he was invited as the guest of honor at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Rajyabhishek ceremony at Skyline Hall of the Cerritos Library.

Inspiring the huge audience gathered, Asthana said, “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was bold, intelligent and visionary person of 17th century. He awakened Hindus to fight against Mugal aggression on South Bharat. We are grateful to him because Hinduism was saved by his act.”

The second day of his visit, Asthana held a breakfast meeting at Keshav Patel’s home followed by the first session of the VHPA EB meeting at the Sanatan Dharma Temple.

The session started with the VHPA president’s welcome by flowers by Aparna Hande followed by a welcome address by Keshav Patel, president of the VHPA LA chapter.

He was also informed about the Fani Cyclone fundraising event done by VHPA, LA Chapter, with cooperation with the Anekant Community Service and Joy of Sharing local organizations.

B.U. Patel, trustee of the Sanatan Temple, also welcomed Asthana and praised VHPA activities.

During the second session at Gayatri Chetana, Sheela Kene introduced Asthana, whom Charu Shiva Kumar greeted with flowers, and Kaushik Patel, vice president of VHPA LA and trustee of GCC, welcomed with Gayatri Mataji’s blessing as well as the presentation of a shawl.

Asthana expressed great pleasure to meet VHPA and Vichar Munch members together for the common cause of community and religion. Then he a presented power point presentation regarding the above topics and extended invitations to attend events in unity and cooperation. He also answered questions asked by audience.

Then Asthana discussed with EB members about projects to be adopted by the chapters, planning for youth leadership, future activities like Bal-Vihar, havan and strengthening unity among the Hindu community.

He expressed his satisfaction over the progressive activities on hand and done by the Los Angeles chapter and the potential growth of VHPA in Southern California.

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