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Students demonstrating their winning Congressional App Challenge apps to Members of Congress at #HouseOfCode. Several Indian American students won the challenge. ( photo)

Congress recently announced the winners of the 2020 Congressional App Challenge, with many Indian American students across the country receiving the high honor.

Winners were announced sporadically throughout the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, with all of the winners from the challenge being announced in mid-February.

Among the winners were many Indian American and South Asian American students.

In Arizona, Ishan Bansal and Srujan Pendurthi won in the 6th Congressional District with their app MyBudget.

Veera Sai Joshik Unnam’s Soil Moisture Control app won in Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District.

In California, Amrit Baveja, along with Evan Lorsch, won the 2nd Congressional District with their app MarinTrace; Arush Pogulakonda and his app The Game of Patience won in Rep. Ami Bera’s 7th Congressional District; Hiya Shah’s Maji app won in the 15th Congressional District; Suyash Lakhmani and Aria Lakhmani in Rep. Ro Khanna’s 17th Congressional District won for their creation of the app STOPPED; Diya Hituvalli’s KeepMeSafe app won in the 19th Congressional District; Nikhil Ograin, with Chloe Harrah and Alex Hellman, won the 24th Congressional District for their Charger.Academy iOS app; the Math4Fun app created by Achintya Gupta, Aniket Gupta, as well as Josh Bowden and Sejin Choi, won in the 29th Congressional District; Yashvi Agrawal’s MedBud app won in the 30th Congressional District; Viraj Jansari, with Yanni Kouloumbis, Xuyang Zhu and Sean Shin, won with their FoodForAll app in the 39th Congressional District; Dimple Amitha Garudapuri’s Didactic app won in the 42nd Congressional District; and the MediRemind app created by Rhea Jethvani, Hannah Jang, Joshua Chuang and Jonathan Vu won in the 47th District.

In Colorado, Krupakar Subramaniam, with Kai Hoshijo and Kokila Gunasinghe, won in the 2nd District for their braiNformation app; Gitanjali Rao’s Kindly app won in the 4th District; and Eshaan Sharma’s MedCOnnect app won in the 6th Congressional District.

Abhishek Singh, Sashank Venugopal, with Matthew Rostkowski and Nicholas Aderhold, won in Connecticut’s 1st District for their app Next Gen STEM.

Isha Kanchana’s HealthMT won in Delaware’s Congressional District represented by Lisa Blunt Rochester.

In Florida, Sandhya Kumar and Surabhi Kumar’s ph√©notype app won in the 2nd Congressional District; the Rentathon: The Renting App created by Ayush Pai, Krish Asknani and Alex Kranias won in the 12th Congressional District; Varun Patel’s Crime Watch app won in the 15th Congressional District; and Ruhi Reddi’s Feeling Anxious? app won in the 21st District.

In Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, Piranavaskanthan Abeyakaran won with the Legal AI app.

In Illinois, Avinash Vadali won with his self-titled app in the 7th Congressional District; in Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi’s 8th Congressional District, Rayaan Siddiqi and Ashay Parikh won with their EZ Pantry app; in the 14th District, Kyran Siddiqui, Rajiv Jhangiani, Shamita Kollerkandy and Marc Townsend won with their Collaborate for Change app; and Nehal Tangudu’s Timeline of the Universe won in the 18th District.

In Indiana’s 5th Congressional District, Aditya Ariyur won with the CHS Club Access app.

The ChestML app created by Arya Karnik, Sabarish Mogallapalli, Owen Scott and Drew Kinneer won in the 3rd Congressional District.

Tinu Vanapamula won with the Digital Fit app in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District; and the Pensando Gobierno app created by Anish Gupta, Rayan Shahid, Musa Waseem and Ali Zia won in the 6th Congressional District.

In Massachusetts, Mahathi Gopinathan with Helen Liu won in the 2nd District for their Kindness Calendar app; Arav Jain and Som Lunavat’s Work for Cause won in the 3rd Congressional District; Akul Kesarwani and Anchi Xia won in the 5th District for their ReadFluid app; and Gayatri Rajan’s Ripple app won in the 6th District.

In Michigan, Neha Kanneganti’s MichiganTravels app in the 8th District; and Vijay Daita won in the 9th District with his Click for A Cause app.

In Minnesota, Anjali Donthi, with Sarah Bulur and Caitlin Mcwilliams won in the 1st District with their Operation Serenity app; and the Rethink Recycling app by Akansha Kamineni and Nathan Labiosa won in the 2nd District.

In Missouri’s 4th District, Akhilan Elangovan and Saathvik Kannan won for their Chill. app.

Nikita Ramaswamy’s ChemHelp app won in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

In Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, the app Eunoia, created by Tharani Gunaseelan, Kirupa Gunaseelan, Ananya Subramaniam and Varun Suvvari, was deemed the winner.

Armaan Gupta, Karina Gupta and Gia Gupta won in the 1st District in New Jersey for their Apollo app; in the state’s 3rd District, Rithvik Bonagiri and James Coleman won for their Education Invaders app; in the 6th District, Samay Nandwana, Ansh Bhatti and Aditya Shelke won with their DataMeet app; Sameer Surapaneni, Arjun Singh and Jay Fu won with their FarmNet app in the 7th District; Riya Dadheech’s Plate of Hope app won in the 11th District; and the Hospified app created by Samvit Agarwal, Rahul Datta and Matthew Xu won in the 12th District.

In New York, Reshmi Anwar won with the Teaching Tolerance app in the 6th District; Kaushik Akula, Mohi Sahoo, Suhao Huang and Michael Barry’s MealMatch app won in the 20th District; and the Open Food Facts app created by Arhan Patel, Ryan Salatino, Sun Jae Nigalye and Alex Pizarro won in the 26th District.

In North Carolina’s 2nd District, Shweta Shah and Abhishek Shah won with their myMoney app; Esha Agarwal won in the 4th District with her outSMARTPD app; and Akshra Paimagam won with the MammoAnalyzer app in the 9th District.

In Ohio, the Pankti Mehta and Arin Mehta-created UniGlobe app won in the 16th Congressional District.

In Oregon, Neel Jain won with his PDX Concierge app in the 1st Congressional District; and Devansh Khunteta and Gaurang Kakodkar won with their Students Tutor Students in the 3rd District.

In Pennsylvania, Sreekara Dandibhotla won with the Food Pantry Pickup app in the 4th District; Shreeniket Bendre’s We the Speakers app won in the 6th District; Siddhant Khandelwal’s AquaCheck app won in the 7th District; in the 10th District, Parinita Mithepati won with the Lemonade Stand app; Hibah Khan’s Williamsport Youth Organization Website app won in the 12th District; and Ananth Kashyap’s COVID Scanner app won in the 17th District.

In South Carolina’s 4th District, Kritika Ravichander won with the connectChange app.

In Texas’ 3rd District, Srujan Mupparapu won with the UpGrade – HAC, Grades, Planner app; Harish Kolli’s We Act won in the 10th District; Sahana Ganapathy’s CoronApp won in the 14th District; Shreya Chaudhary’s Together app won in the 20th District; in the 22nd District, Tavishi Sinha won with the Teens Helping Seniors Delivery app; Mahesh Natamai and Arjun Vikram’s SIGNify app won in the 30th District; and Sasank Aduri’s Employd app won in the 31st District.

In Virginia, Arvind Rajesh’s RxLookApp won in the 7th District; Pranav Ravella’s Atheia app, created with Raffu Khondaker, Irfan Nafi and Eugene Choi, won in the 8th District; and in the 10th District, Sreya Devarakonda, with Rhomas Chia and Cindy Wu, won with the ARDD: Auto Retina Disease Detection app.

In Washington state, Sidharth Ganesh with Pierce Zhang and Trung Pham won with their Distancing Camera app in the 1st District; Aatish Parson and Aidan Zhoou won with their Comeback app in Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s 7th District; and the HealthNut app created by Madhavi Vivek, Kathie Huang and Philip Vu won in the 8th District.

A news release noted that the 2020 Congressional App Challenge was its broadest yet, with more members of Congress hosting in more districts than ever before.

This competition was more critical than any prior competition, as COVID-19 interrupted educational cadences for students across the country, it added.

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