Golamrabbi sentenced

Golam Rabbi and his wife Shamina Begum Golamrabbi are shown in an undated photo with their two sons, Omar (front, left) and Hasib (right). Both young men were charged with the murder of their parents in April. The charges have been dropped against Omar, who is a juvenile. (Facebook photo)

A 26-year-old Bangladeshi American was sentenced to life in prison Aug. 30 for murdering his parents in 2016 at the family home in San Jose, Calif.

Hasib bin Golamrabbi was found guilty last October of murdering his parents. According to police reports, on April 23, 2016, the young man shot his father, Golam Rabbi, 59, and his mother, Shamima Rabbi, 57, at their home in the Evergreen neighborhood of San Jose. Golamrabbi and his younger brother Omar then attended a comic book convention in Oakland before returning home. Hasib was arrested a few days later at a friend’s home in Tracy, Calif.

In the bizarre case, the young man, who represented himself, initially tried to blame his younger brother for the heinous crime, then said intruders committed the slayings. After the conviction, Golamrabbi requested a new trial. But his request was denied.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Golamrabbi also tried to bribe a key witness and the lead prosecutor. He also tried to fake his own kidnapping, the report added.

Evan as he was being sentenced, Golamrabbi continued to state his innocence and to proclaim that it was his younger brother who killed his parents. But Judge Vanessa Zecher gave Golamrabbi the maximum penalty, stating: “These killings were among the most disturbing, violent and heinous crimes that can be committed,” she said. “Two people lost their lives for doing nothing more than parenting their children.”

Omar was arrested shortly after the slayings, but was released in June that year when prosecutors could not build a case against him.

Golam Rabbi and Shamima Rabbi – who was also known as Shamima Begum – were found dead on April 24 by relatives who had been trying to reach the couple for several days. Police arrived at the scene in the Evergreen neighborhood of San Jose and found the couple dead. A police report indicated that Golam and Shamima had been shot at least once.

On the floor near the bodies were at least two handwritten notes in black marker pen. One chillingly read: “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy.” The other note read: “I can’t be like you, telling a lie.” (See earlier India-West story: https://bit.ly/2kd2dwa)

No motive was ever established for the slayings. Family friend Mahmood Ghani told India-West in 2016 that Hasib was an anti-social, withdrawn boy.

This newspaper reported in 2016 that several posts on Omar’s Facebook page hinted at sadness or depression.

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