ATLANTA, Georgia — Outstanding young Indian American scientists engaged in cancer research were recognized at the 26th annual meeting of the American Association of Indian Scientists in Cancer Research at the Hilton Garden Inn here, recently.

Dr. Aniruddha Ganguly, founder and current president of AAISCR, said among other goals, the aim of the organization was to support the excellent work being done by young Indian American cancer researchers, according to a press release.

The event was attended by many well-known cancer researchers, oncologists, pathologists, biotechnology industry representatives and a representative from the American Association for Cancer Research.

Awards were presented in three categories: graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty. Recognized in the graduate student category were Koelina Ganguly, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha; and Mehdi Chaib, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis.

The Postdoctoral Fellow Awardees were Dr. Rizwan Ahmad, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha; and Dr. Seema Chugh, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

The Junior Faculty Awardee was Dr. Shyam Nyati, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

The awards were sponsored by Dr. Krishan Kalra, founder and CEO of BioGenex in California.

In addition, AAISCR-Legacy Immigration Scholarships for Career Advancement were also given. These were offered in three categories, namely, travel to scientific meetings, training to improve skills and pilot project development. For launching a pilot project, Rekha Rao, Manepalli, Kansas University Cancer Center, Kansas City, was honored. Travel scholarships were given to doctoral candidates Saswati Karmakar, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha; and Dr. Sharavan Ramachandran, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Amarillo; and post-doctoral fellow Dr. Monish Ram Makena, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore.

The scholarships were sponsored by Dawn Sequeira, Legacy Immigration, Bethesda, MD.

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