An 18-year-old Russian model, who was found dead last March at the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida home of an Indian American physician, apparently died of an overdose of drugs, according to her autopsy report released earlier this month.

On the night of her death, Indian American physician Naval Parikh, 41, met with Olya Langille at Blondies bar in Fort Lauderdale Beach. Langille had recently moved to the area to work as a stewardess on yachts.

Parikh, who works at Broward Health, told police that he and Langille had several drinks before returning to his apartment where they "snorted cocaine, smoked marijuana and had consensual sex" before falling asleep, as reported by NBC Miami.

Parikh told police he then moved to the living room to sleep on a sofa, leaving Langille in bed. He awoke at 9:00 a.m. and found her unresponsive, according to the report.

Langille’s autopsy report noted that there were traces of fentanyl – a prescription opioid – Xanax, also available only by prescription, cocaine, and MDMA – also known as ecstasy – in the young woman’s system. Parikh called 911; a responding officer reported finding "several small Ziplock bags containing suspect cocaine and/or heroin, and a suspected drug pipe" in the drawer of a bed-side table in the bedroom where Langille was found dead, according to NBC Miami.

Her death remains under investigation, but no foul play is suspected, according to Ft. Lauderdale police. Parikh continues to work at Broward Health, and is not under investigation, according to local media reports.

But Langille’s friends question whether the sex between the young model and a man more than two decades older was in fact consensual. “For anyone who has any messages with Olya the day she passed or the days before please personal message me,” wrote a friend on Langille’s Facebook remembrance page.

“The so called ‘consensual sex’ was not consensual and for anyone who has messages of her asking for help please send them along with any other information,” read the post.

Friends are also concerned that Langille died at the home of a doctor, who, they say, should have been able to diagnose the situation and get medical attention earlier on. “Consensual or not, he's a 40+ year old man who's a doctor, baiting a young woman with a lethal cocktail of respiratory depressing drugs which, in this case, were enough to kill her,” responded Christopher Stratton on the Facebook post.

Langille was from Arkhangelsk, Russia. She had previously worked for the Newport Yacht Club in Rhode Island, according to her Facebook profile.

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