Nandini Agarwal

An Indian American student at the University of South Florida, Nandini Agarwal, has gone from a fresh face on campus to one of the brightest students in all of USF’s Muma College of Business. (LinkedIn photo)

An Indian American student at the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business, Nandini Agarwal, wasn’t certain what the future would entail when she and her family moved from India – her native country – to the U.S. in 2015.

However, after settling into Tampa, Fla., the business student has come into her own, excelling at Muma to the tune of being at the top of her class, according to an article published by The Oracle.

The family moved to Tampa because there was an international school there similar to one she had in India, the report said.

“There were moments when I knew something big was happening,” Agarwal, now a junior at USF, said about her move to the U.S. in the report. “I just didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Before her ascent within Muma, Agarwal said beginning life in the U.S. was more difficult than she or anyone in her family anticipated.

While studying at USF, Agarwal has earned awards such as the Golden Bull Award, the school’s highest honor, which is given to students that encompass USF’s spirit and values. She remains the first freshman to ever be awarded such an honor, it added.

She is also receiving numerous other scholarships from USF, for her academics and past struggles, The Oracle said.

This past summer, Agarwal said she traveled back to India to intern at a women’s rights organization, The Centre for Social Research, located in Delhi.

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