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INDORE (IANS) — A tribal woman in her early 30s, is fighting for her life in the Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital here after an unusual surgery to remove an object forced into her uterus by her husband over a year ago.

Her husband, Prakash alias Rama Bhil, was arrested May 13 by the Chandan Nagar police on her complaint.

A team of gynaecologists, urologists and anaesthetists led by Dr Sumit Shukla and Dr Sonia Moses performed a gruelling five-hour surgery on Monday to remove the woman's badly-bruised uterus after the plastic grip of the motorcycle handle was extricated.

The woman, who has suffered excessive blood loss due to injuries to her urinary bladder, small intestine and uterus, has been kept under intensive care. Doctors say her condition, after keeping her under observation for three days, will prompt the next course of treatment.

The infection would have spread to other parts of body if the surgery was delayed any further, the hospital authorities said.

Police Inspector Rahul Sharma said the woman had visited the hospital in January when an x-ray had shown the object in her body, but she avoided treatment and left. Once the pain became unbearable again, she approached a woman constable to narrate her ordeal. The constable first admitted her to the hospital and then arrested her husband.

The woman had tried to lodge a complaint with the police earlier too, but was turned away without hearing.

According to police, Prakash had acted in a drunken rage when she had questioned him over his relationship with another woman.

The couple have four children, including three girls, but they have been left to fend for themselves in the absence of both parents. 

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