Delhi Girl Suicide

A 12-year-old student in Gyan Mandir Public School in Naraina Vihar killed herself. In her suicide note she said she was tormented by her science teacher. (YouTube screen grab)

NEW DELHI — Relentless humiliation and rebuke from her science teacher over the last few months forced a Class 7 student here to commit suicide by hanging herself, police said Dec. 5.

Daisy Rathore, 12, who hanged herself from a ceiling fan at her home on Dec. 1, wrote the teacher's name on her palms and hands and also left behind a note stating the reason for her extreme step.

"We are waiting for the autopsy report and recording statements of the victim's friends and classmates. We will take strict action against the culprit," Joint Commissioner of Police Madhup Tiwari told IANS.

"On her palms and hands she wrote that she did not want to go to school any more. She apologized to her mother and grandmother and said she was going to meet Lord Krishna," he added.

Daisy Rathore was a student of Gyan Mandir Public School in Naraina Vihar.

She was last seen alive by her mother Kamal Rathore, before leaving for the Tis Hazari Court where she is an advocate.

Around 4 p.m., when the mother returned, she discovered her daughter's lifeless body, a police officer said. A suicide note was also recovered.

Tiwari said: "On Wednesday, the victim's mother visited the Inderpuri police station and told the officers that her daughter had on Nov. 30 gone on a school trip. The next day some students of Class 6 linked the girl with a boy. When her teachers came to know about this, they allegedly rebuked her," the officer added.

A resident of Inderpuri, the teenager had complained of relentless humiliation by her science teacher.

"My daughter complained that the teacher rebuked her every day. The same teacher rebuked and humiliated her on Friday for 10 minutes in the biology lab. She cried in the school bathroom after the episode," Kamal Rathore told IANS.

"She had been insisting that I change her school but I did not know the extent of the crisis. I had not realized that she would commit suicide," she said.

The mother broke down while speaking to reporters Dec. 5.

"I was planning to take her out on her birthday on Dec. 20. But she has left us. I should have changed her school," rued Kamal Rathore, whose husband passed away some eight years ago.

Apparently, the tormented student had told some of her friends that she was going to commit suicide and would not see them again.

The school management has set up an internal committee to probe the incident and will submit its report to the Delhi Police.

The Gyan Mandir Public School said in a statement: "We are fully cooperating with the investigation authority. As of now we are not at liberty to disclose any details which may jeopardize the police probe. We stand in solidarity with her family in this difficult time."

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