Tripathy sentenced

Businessman Sanjay Tripathy’s lawyer, Frank Rothman, said the victim, who met Tripathy on SeekingArrangment, “fooled” the jury. (screen grab of YouTube/Fox News TV)

Indian American tech executive Sanjay Tripathy, who was convicted of brutally attacking a woman he met off a dating site in June 2016, was sentenced to seven years in prison, the New York Post reported July 11.

Tripathy, 48, was convicted May 30 in Manhattan, N.Y. of sexually assaulting the woman (see India-West article here:

The woman, wearing all white in Manhattan Supreme Court, said she has “been living every day in fear” since Tripathy attacked her more than two years ago, according to the Post report.

“I have had nightmares where Sanjay breaks into my apartment and kills me and kills my dogs,” she said, her hands trembling, the report said.

“This is something I’ll never be able to forgive or forget,” the victim, who asked Justice Erika Edwards to impose the maximum of 25 years, said in the courtroom, the publication said.

Tripathy, with his wife and friends weeping in the gallery, sobbed as he apologized for the beating that left his date’s face so swollen it was unrecognizable.

“I wish I could turn back the clock, unfortunately, I can’t,” said the father of two, the Post reported. “I would like to sincerely apologize [to the victim], who I caused a lot of pain and suffering.”

Tripathy’s lawyer, Frank Rothman, said the victim, who met Tripathy on SeekingArrangment, “fooled” the jury.

“This was a BDSM date that went terribly wrong because (the victim) wanted more money for the injuries on her face, and when he wouldn’t pay her, she tried to extort him,” the attorney said, according to the Post.

Tripathy was found guilty of a criminal sex act, sex abuse, assault, strangulation and unlawful imprisonment in connection with the June 15, 2016, attack at the W Hotel in Times Square. The businessman, who advertised himself as a $10 million catch on the Web site Seeking Arrangements, had arranged to meet the 38-year-old woman – described by various media as “a blonde from Norway – at his hotel that evening, while he was on a business trip. The woman has not been named in court documents, but did attend the trial. (See earlier India-West story here:

Videos shown during the trial show Tripathy and the woman engaged in passionate kissing and touching each other. The pair went up to Tripathy’s hotel room, where, according to court testimony, the tech executive engaged in violent, sadomasochistic sex with the victim.

Tripathy punched the woman in the face so violently that blood spattered the walls of the room, according to prosecutors. Jurors were shown photos of the victim’s bruised and battered face; she suffered two black eyes, a bloody nose, a split lip and a chipped tooth.

“I am probably going to die here tonight, how am I ever going to get out of here alive,” the victim recalled on the witness stand.

Tripathy has maintained that he advertised his predilection for sadomasochistic sex on the Seeking Arrangements Web site. He said the pair engaged in consensual rough sex that he paid her for.

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