Ram Reddy Catalyst for CommuniClique’s Success, Says CEO

Ram Reddy is chairman and one of the largest investors in CommuniClique.

Would McLean, Va.-based CommuniClique, Inc., be where it is today without Ram Reddy?

Most certainly not, the company’s co-founder and co-CEO Andy Powers emphatically told India-West recently.

CommuniClique offers subscription-based applications allowing workers within organizations the ability to make conference calls and collaborate online.

The company provides a proactive dialer that enables users to set up conference calls and call out to everyone on a list. By dialing out instead of dialing in, no one has to remember dates and times. The calls are recorded so employees who missed or want to review a session can retrieve it.

Reddy is CommuniClique’s board chairman and largest individual shareholder.

He has been invaluable, Powers said, in forging key customer relationships. The company’s clients include The Hartford, Prudential, Fed-Ex, the College Board and the U.S.-India Business Council.

Reddy told India-West that he worked in the Los Angeles area for about 17 years and was one of the conveners of the inaugural TiE conference in Silicon Valley in 1994.

He moved to the D.C. area and founded Fairfax, Va.-based Apex Technology, which later received a contract to sell radar systems to the Indian Army.

Apex partnered with Hughes and later Raytheon after the latter acquired the former in 1999. Reddy said he “cashed out” of the company in 2004 and became an angel investor.


CommuniClique’s advantage is that “conference calls go out 12 minutes faster than anyone else,” Reddy said. One of the ancillary advantages is that the company’s technology can “extract key words and send targeted advertising,” a capability that is drawing interest from Google, among others, he added. 


CommuniClique has about 12,000 customers and about a half million free users through its Speek Web-based teleconferencing system. Powers said.

Revenue has been growing by about 300 percent a year and the company has raised more than $3.5 million.

Powers said he and his co-founder and co-CEO Danny Boice consider Reddy “the adult of the group.”

“Danny and I are younger and what he (Reddy) has brought to the company is intangible.”

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