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What is AI TrainingNet?

AI Training Net is a huge next step for DeepBrain Chain: a platform that consolidates computing resources and matches processing-power providers and processing-power requesters. The demand side can find suitable GPU processing in AI Training Net as needed, then pay DBC tokens to a processing-power supplier to use it. For the supply side, they can download installation package software on the DeepBrain Chain website to deploy nodes on the AI Training Net, thus sharing their idle GPU power with the entire network.

So far, DeepBrain Chain’s R&D team has successfully trained three types of AI models on its AI Training Net. Enterprises can use DBC tokens to deploy their AI products on DeepBrain Chain’s platform; meanwhile, each AI computing node on the platform will receive income from two sources: the mining rewards automatically given by the system, and the DBC paid by purchasers. Over time, DeepBrain Chain will build a complete training platform and marketplace for AI app development on a unified, public network.

Be Our AI Computing Power Provider

In June, DeepBrain Chain announced the activation of its TestNet project, recruiting AI computing power from all over the world to build a globally distributed network in order to prepare for and strengthen the upcoming MainNet.

Benefits of joining the network include 1) having priority to join DeepBrain Chain's MainNet as computing nodes, 2) a higher chance at being elected as consensus nodes, and 3) being able to use the computing resources from other TestNet nodes on the platform for free. 

Requirements for joining the network:

  • Two, four, eight or more GPUs configured with GeForce GTX 1080Ti or above (to be a TestNet computing node)
  • Over 4TBs of storage resource (to be a TestNet storage node)
  • 64G or more of memory
  • Over 100Mbps in bandwidth

Any enterprise with AI computing needs can apply through:

To join as an AI computing power provider, please apply through:

For more information, please visit DeepBrain Chain's official website:

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