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Kritin Kothapally, Khush Bhalala, Rahul Jariwala and Skthi Karimanal of the California Cricket Academy were all recipients of merit-based cricket scholarships given by Arjun-Vohra Trust and Tech Mahindra. (photo provided)

The California Cricket Academy Nov. 17 announced that it has been selected by Arjun-Vohra Trust and Tech Mahindra as a recipient of multiple merit-based cricket scholarships.

In total, the academy received $3,000 in scholarships for their top performers in various age categories for the next four years.

Among the CCA 2018 scholarship recipients were Kritin Kothapally, Khush Bhalala, Rahul Jariwala and Skthi Karimanal.

Kothapally of the Under-10 age group and Bhalala of the Under-12 age group received $500 each. Jariwala (U-15) and Karimanal (U-17) both earned $1,000 scholarships.

The scholarship amount will go up by 10 percent every year, the CCA said in a news release.

Players selection for scholarship will be based on the performances in the CCA Internal games and tournaments, U.S. competitive domestic tournaments and international competitive tournaments.

To promote more youth games, performance in adult league for players 15 and below will not be counted. However, the 16 to18 category for adult league performance will be counted, the CCA said.

Furthermore, Criccblubs will be working with CCA to formulate the point system and perform data analysis, it said.

The academy also emphasizes character and social contribution by players in their program, it added. As a result, the following additional criteria will also influence the selection process: attendance in physical fitness, classes and team practices; on- and off-field comportment; manager and coach feedback; and volunteering related to cricket for CCA supported programs.

The top three players nominated on quantitative factors and independent committee will recommend to the trust the selected player in the age category, the academy said.

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