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Several Indian media outlets have reported that former cricketer Ravi Shastri and Indian actress Nimrat Kaur have been secretly dating for two years. (IANS photos)

“Biggest load of cow dung,” said former cricketer and Indian cricket team’s coach Ravi Shastri when an Indian publication asked him whether or not he was dating Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur.

Several Indian publications have reported that the two have been dating discreetly for close to two years now.

Twitter blew up Sept. 3 after rumors started swirling that the two were a couple. News of the link-up started trending after an Indian publication noted that “We hear the two have been dating rather discreetly for over two years. It’s also probably more than a coincidence that both Shastri and Nimrat have been roped in by a German luxury carmaker to launch its cars every year since 2015.”

The two are brand ambassadors for Audi and make regular appearances at the brand’s launch events every year.

Quashing the romance rumors, Kaur referred to them as “fiction,” tweeting: “Fact: I may need a root canal. Fiction: Everything else I read about me today. More facts: Fiction can be more hurtful; Monday blues exist and I love ice cream. Here is to trash free happy days ahead.”

Though Kaur, 36, responded to the alleged relationship with that cryptic tweet, Shastri, 56, who is currently in England with the Indian team, was more forthright in his response.

“Nothing to say when it is the biggest load of cow dung,” Shastri, who is said to be living separately from his wife Ritu for a long time now, told Mid-Day, adding, “Cow dung says it all.”

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