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Fourteen basketball players from India will head to Atlanta, Georgia next month to participate in the NBA Academy Games. (Indian Basketball Federation photo via twitter)

MUMBAI (IANS) — The National Basketball Association June 28 announced that the third NBA Academy Games — a series of exhibition games featuring prospects from the seven NBA Academies and other teams — will take place from July 9 to July 14 at the Emory Sports Medicine Complex in Atlanta, Georgia, marking the first time the NBA Academy Games will take place in the U.S.

The series of exhibition games will feature prospects from the NBA Academies in Australia, China, India, Mexico and Senegal, along with two select teams of top international prospects. In addition to being open to NBA team personnel, the NCAA-certified event will be held during an NCAA live recruiting period and will be open to NCAA coaches from July 11 to July 14. 

In addition to exhibition games between the NBA Academies and international select teams, the third NBA Academy Games will feature NBA Academy coaches leading the prospects through a variety of activities, including movement efficiency training, anthropometric and athletic testing, and daily life-skills seminars focusing on health and wellness, leadership and communication.

NBA Academies — a signature elite player development initiative for the NBA — employ a holistic, 360-degree approach to player development with focuses on leadership, health and wellness, character development, life skills, and educational development for top male and female prospects from outside the U.S. The initiative exposes elite prospects to NBA-level coaching and facilities, while providing a global framework for them to maximize their success.

Since October 2016, NBA Academies have been launched in Canberra, Australia; Jinan, Urumqi and Zhuji, China; Delhi National Capital Region; Mexico City, Mexico; and Saly, Senegal. More than 10 NBA Academies graduates have committed to NCAA Division I schools.

The two previous NBA Academy Games were held at The NBA Global Academy, an elite basketball training center at Basketball Australia's Centre of Excellence at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, which serves as the NBA's hub for top male and female prospects from outside the U.S.

NBA Academy India Roster: Manoj Sisodiya, Amaan Sandhu, Achintya Krishna, Lokendra Singh, Lalhnehpuia Chhakchhuak, Harsh Dagar, Pranav Prince, Arvinder Singh, Manjot Singh, Kushal Singh, Harshwardhan Tomar, Vikrant, Pritish Kokate

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