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General view as Kimura Rentaro of Japan fights against Manish Kaushik of India during their final of Men's Light at the Asian 2018 test event in Jakarta on Feb. 15. Indonesia will host the 2018 Asian Games Aug. 18 to Sept. 2 in Jakarta and Palembang. (Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images)

JAKARTA — Indian pugilists emerged with a massive tally of 10 medals, which include five gold, one silver and four bronze medals, at the 18th Asian Games Invitational Test Tournament here Feb. 15.

Even though seven of the 10 participating Indian pugilists were guaranteed bronze medals at the start of the tournament, three Indian boxers displayed ruthlessness as they romped past their opponents in dominating fashion to clinch the gold, according to a release.

Salman Shaikh in the 52 kg category, Manish Kaushik of the 60 kg category and Pavitra of the women's 60 kg category fought their way to gold even after they were guaranteed a bronze without even throwing a punch.

Pavitra won 5-0 against Nilawan Techasuep of Thailand, Shyam Kumar defeated local lad Mario Blasius 4-1, while Salman Shaikh also defeated his Filipino rival 5-0.

India's greatest find in the Youth World Championships has been Shakshi who yet again displayed her dominance in the ring but couldn't manage to get past her final opponent and settled for silver.

Etias Kha (56 kg), Ashish Kumar (75 kg), Pawan Kumar (69kg) and Ritu (51 kg) had to settle for bronze after losing out in their respective semifinal bouts.

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