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Aditya Mehta at the Border Security Force campus in Bengaluru. The Aditya Mehta Foundation trains wounded soldiers to compete in para-athletic cycling tournaments. (Facebook photo)

BENGALURU — Asian Championship medalist para-cyclist Aditya Mehta has started his ambitious national training camp to scout promising para-athletes at the Border Security Force Subsidiary Training Center in Bengaluru.

Run by the Aditya Mehta Foundation, the camp which will see around 150 upcoming para-athletes comprising brave soldiers from the central armed police forces who have sustained serious injuries in the line of duty.

The initiative since its inception has not only scouted for promising para-athletes, but also transformed the lives of the crippled and disillusioned troopers.

The Indian para-cyclists' team, comprising of athletes from the AMF camp went on to win several medals at the Asian Championships in Bahrain in February.

In its second year, the success of the AMF camp has inspired more troopers to enroll and approach Mehta.

The AMF intends to train these brave hearts and mentor them by internationally acclaimed coaches in a week-long training in six para sporting disciplines of swimming, cycling, badminton (standing and wheelchair), tennis (wheelchair), shooting and body building. 

"This camp is very special as it not only helps in giving a purpose to the lives of the soldiers who with unfortunate turn of events were completely disillusioned. But it is also helping to explore the talents and evolve them into Indian para-athletes, become champions and win laurels for India," Mehta said in a statement.

After the week-long camp is over, the AMF will take the selected athletes under its wing, give them further enhanced training and also fund them to pursue their dream of making the country proud in international events.

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