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Players of the Indian Wheelchair Cricket team during a press conference ahead of the team's tour to Bangladesh for upcoming India-Bangladesh wheelchair cricket series in New Delhi on May 3. (IANS file photo)

NEW DELHI (IANS) — The Indian Spinal Injuries Center said June 18 that it will participate in the 2019 Indian Wheelchair Cricket Premiere League with its franchise of the Delhi Superstar wheelchair cricket team.

Medical Director and Chief of Spine, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Doctor H.S. Chabbra said that owning the Delhi team when the event is happening in the national capital is a special feeling.

"We are happy that the team will receive a lot of home-support," Chabbra said.

Organized by the Wheelchair Talent Foundation in association with Disabled Supporting Society of Agra, the Indian Wheel Chair Cricket Premiere League will commence on June 19 and will have its finale on June 23 at Bal Bhawan International School Ground in Dwarka.

Eight wheelchair teams including Delhi will contest in the tournament. Over 80 athletes will be playing cricket over the five days.

Chabbra said that rehabilitating them to overcome the trauma has been one of our major challenges and therefore, it gives a unique pleasure in supporting a team and an event like this

"We being the health-care service provider that specializes in spinal injuries, we witness closely what a patient goes through after meeting an injury. His/her life is limited to wheelchairs," Chabbra said.

From recreational activity to a major goal of representing the country at International levels, these differently-abled athletes have found the meaning of life and motivation through cricket, he further added.

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