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Sports events are prevalent in India from the very beginning. There are a lot of records which the sportsperson have achieved till now. Knowing these records is very important for online gambling in India. Along with a lot of moments which are proud moments for India. Most of the people know those things only which are in the limelight, but there are a lot of those moments which are not in the attention, but they are essential for India. One can search on the Internet to get several records which the players had made in their respective fields. Some of those records and achievements are given below to let people know about the accomplishments of our players. These things will always make citizens feel proud of their players.

List of proud moments of Indian Players achievements:

Now if we go back to 2014, the most significant historical moment was the golden comeback of the Mary Kom. The player who won the bronze medal in Olympic Championship and had achieved more awards for the country. It was the time when the people of India felt proud of her comeback.

  • Another golden time for the country in 2012 was the retirement of the best player of Indian cricket team namely Sachin Tendulkar. After completing his 100 centuries, he finally decided to take the retirement from cricket. That was the time when his fans were happy, excited and as well as hurt because of his retirement. The year was well known for this single news.
  • In 2009 another record was created by the Saina Nehwal. She had won the super series tournament and become the first Indian woman to get the tag. That whole year is dedicated to her from the sports industry, and people were feeling very proud of her.
  • The most prominent Olympic history-making record was the winning of the gold medal by Abhinav Bindra. Any player who is going to win the medal in the Olympics had created the history till now. And in 2008 Abhinav Bindra had established this record again.
  • Yuvraj Singh is known for his playing and the batting spirit till now. But the record he had created in 2007 was the biggest. In a tournament in one single over he created the record of hitting 6 sixes in a row. Till then none of the batsmen had created that record. Therefore the spirit of the batsman had proved how important it is to play well.
  • The player Pankaj Advani had won the World Billiards Championship in 2005. Snooker was not too much popular at that time. But people who know about the game had always appreciated the efforts and the achievement of the player. The record was created and written in Indian Sports history.

Why knowing the awards of Indian sports history is important? 

Now for this question, there may be two reasons:

  1. The first one is that if you are Indian and you love to know about the sports event then knowing the history of sports is very important to get full knowledge. One should not precise their knowledge to a few games and should increase their level to know more about the different games and the records of that particular field.
  2. The second reason for knowing the history of the Indian Sports is to bet. Now all those people who love to do gambling, it is essential for them to start learning about the different historical events as it can help them to bet on a single player accordingly. There are a lot of quiz games at the casino where you have to tell the answers to the questions, and you will earn the points.

Therefore because of the above mentioned two reasons, it is essential to learn about the history of sports.

Get knowledge about the history and enjoy the game: 

Yes, it is very rightly said that to enjoy the game you must know about the basics and history of a particular game. Therefore above, we have mentioned a few of the top events of the last few years. One can search and get to know about the list of events that had occurred in the past. Even one will enjoy knowing about the history of sports and how the players are playing well for the country.

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