TCL Expands

The Tampa Cricket League recently held an American Cricket Federation Cricket Coach Certification program, led by ACF director of coaching Jatin Patel. (photo provided)

Tampa Cricket League, a 2007-founded league that serves as one of the main organizers of adult and youth cricket events in the Tampa Bay Area, in a Jan. 17 news release announced it has expanded youth and women cricket.

In September 2016, TCL kicked off the Youth Program with one single coach and a few students. Since then, the program has expanded and as of today, there are 42 participants enrolled in the program, the news release noted.

The demand for trained coaches thus increased in the area and in order to meet those demands, Tampa Cricket League hosted the Level 1 and Level 2 coaching certification camp and practical training sessions.

Players of the Tampa Bay Sunrisers Women’s Cricket Club were invited to participate in the Jan. 11 and Jan. 12 camp as it is TCL’s vision to grow women’s cricket in the community, the TCL news release added.

The weekend-long cricket coaching clinic conducted by Jatin Patel, ACF’s director of coaching, enabled new coaches get started in their journey of coaching the next generation of talented players.

“Tampa Cricket League would like to thank Mr. Jatin Patel and ACF for facilitating this top of the line coaching certification camp for TCL coaches, which will help the youth players to advance to the next stage immensely,” TCL president Nitheesh Shetty said. “Coach Jatin Patel has excellent understanding of the game and reads the techniques and intricacies of the game. He taught the new coaches importance of not trying to change players’ style, instead tweak them and help them to get better at what they do.”

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