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Betting is too much popular in India from ancient time. People love to bet on different Batsman playing at various tournaments.  Bidding is not an easy task as it includes a lot of tricks and tactics. One has to be very careful while bidding on any batsman and must know how to play online roulette. We have seen people searching on the internet for the top five batsmen of the Indian cricket team. But how can you believe any of the blogs without knowing the capability of any batsman. It is necessary to see the strength of any batsman to bid on him. Therefore here we are going to provide a list of five top batsmen, on them you can bid to increase the chances of winning.

Top 5 batsman of the Indian team on whom one can bid: 

Choosing the best batsman is not an easy task, but if you are going to bid, then it's become essential to select the best player. From the below five players, you can choose anyone as all are playing well and help the team to win.

1.     Virat Kohli:

He is the only player who is playing consistently and breaking all the records. Kohli loves to play by heart and gives his best to earn respect for Indian Cricket Team. He had played 224 matches till now, and the runs he scored in those matches are 11036 in this decade. The number of centuries is 42, and the number of half-centuries is 51. He broke a lot of records in this decade and became the famous player among the Indians. Therefore choosing the player with so much enthusiasm and spirit is worth to win.

2.     Rohit Sharma:

He is another player with the biggest story of success in the Indian cricket team and he is the only player to have three double tons to his name in the world cricket. Till now he had played 177 matches and scored 7991 runs that are a significant victory for him. He had attained 27 centuries and 38 half-centuries in the single decade. His playing style is different from all other players, and he is known for his hard work to obtain the best results.

3.     M.S. Dhoni:

M.S. Dhoni is not playing in all the matches as he had been retired from few of the tournaments, but still, he is playing. The best captain of the Indian cricket team till now and the player with a large number of fan following. He had played 196 matches in this decade and scored 5640 runs for the Indian team. His average is 50.35 which is excellent for any player. 

4.     Shikhar Dhawan:

Now, he is very popular batsman with the best spirit for the team and has a unique playing style helping to win the tournaments. He is playing from last many years to make India feel proud of the Indian cricket team. Now bidding on the player like him is equal to taking one step ahead towards success. A total number of 133 matches he played in this decade and scored 5518 runs with an average of 44.50. He had scored 17 centuries and 27 half-centuries in the single decade.

5. Suresh Raina:

Another old player of the Indian cricket team. In this century he has played 144 Matches and has scored 3718 runs. The average of the player is 35. 40 and he has scored three centuries and 23 half-centuries in this decade. Therefore, bidding on the player like him is worth to win the bid.

Therefore, above-mentioned is the list of top 5 ODI batsmen of last 10 years in the Indian Cricket Team.

Choose the best player from the list to get the best results:

 Now if you are looking to choose the best player to bid upon, then now, it's your turn to search and get the best player. We have given the above list of a few players and their results of this decade. But, the final call while choosing the player will be yours. But remember bid smaller if you are new in this industry to minimize the loss. One can learn slowly and can increase the bid amount once you learn the tricks to win in the tournament.

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