Your wedding album is the best way to capture some of the most cherished moments of your life, which you would not experience again. But, you can certainly re-live them again and again whenever you glimpse through those memorable shots.

So, if you are a bride-to-be, then do not forget to get as many clicks as you can on your wedding day, so that you do not regret later on about missing something out. We are sure your photographer knows best on which shots to click and when. But, here is a list of 10 photographs or shots that we feel should not be missing from any Indian bride’s wedding album. Just keep this in mind before you set to pose for the camera.

#1. Your bridal outfit

We know how much you love your wedding lehenga and how much you are dying to wear it. But before you put it on you let the photographer create some beautiful shots of your priced possessions. It might be that you may never wear it again after marriage or simply pass it as an heirloom to your next generation, but an unscathed shot of your wedding ensemble is a must.

#2. Your solah shringar

You may not get decked up often from head to toe with jewellery and adornments. And that is why, it is worthwhile to have shots of all your solah shringar. From your maang tikka to your payal, each one adds beauty to your charm on your special day.


#3. Your "transition to the bride" moment

How much ever confident or poised a bride is, she always gets goosebumps while getting ready. It is a mixture of excitement and nervousness, which marks this moment. So, let your photographer capture all your moods and jitteriness when you are getting ready to look the most beautiful and ravishing bride ever.


#4. The perfect diva pose

After you are ready and before you get into the tumultuous of the wedding rituals and ceremony, get yourself clicked the perfect princess shot. Believe it or not this will be your best wedding shot to be converted into a full-size portrait. Let the photographer bring the best out of you with his magical lenses.

#5. The dazzling hand shots

In your wedding, the most ornamented part of your body will be your hands. With shiny bangles and chooda, rings and the intricate henna design, they will surely look worth a million bucks. So, do not forget to get your hands clicked in different poses showing yourchooda, or your mehendi, or your engagement ring, or just your beautifully manicured hands.

#6. Your "oh-so-beautiful" feet

Yes, we knew it, you had forgotten about them, right? Well, you got them pedicured, you got them adorned with such stunning mehendi design, you bought that beautiful payal, and those complementing bridal heels. If you have spent so much time on taking care of your feet, then don't miss out on getting them captured too. Believe us, you will thank us for reminding you of this one!

#7. You with your near and dear ones

You may not want to see your vidaai photographs again and again, but you surely would like to see the happy pictures taken with your parents and siblings. So, don’t miss on these and catch on with your favourite people and smile for the camera.

#8. Your fun haldi moments

We know you might not like it when your friends and relatives grease you with haldi all over your body and photo at that moment is a big no. But trust when you see this photo after years, you would be filled with nostalgia and would love to live the moment again.

#9. Your mehendi excitement

Your mehendi celebration is the one which sets you in the "marriage mood". You are excited about your design and also nervous about marriage. You want to have fun and dance with your friends and family to express your joy. It is the best time to capture the bride’s real glow and excitement.

#10. Your grand entry

Your final walk as a "Miss", before you tie the knot with your soulmate, is worth capturing. Your entry in the mandap accompanied by your friends, brothers and sisters is truly enthralling. Whether you make your entry in a doli or are carried by your brother on his arms, you are the only centre of attraction at the moment.

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