All you brides-to-be make your best efforts to look gorgeous on your wedding, but what about the post-wedding look or makeup? You can’t be running to the parlour to get ready every time, and it’s not feasible either. So for this, it is very important to have the right makeup kit.

A kohl pencil, lip gloss, lipsticks, etc. are the usual things which you carry, but that’s not enough for your post-marriage look. We have compiled a list of 5 beauty essentials which all you soon-to-be brides must have in your kit. And we can bet, these will make your life easier. 

#1. Three-in-one mousse

makeup essentials for brides

Invest in a mousse that has concealer, foundation and face powder, all clubbed together. This three-in-one mousse is a complete kit in itself, so instead of carrying all of these products separately, it's best to buy this one product. The concealer will help to smartly hide your blemishes and marks, the foundation will even out the complexion, and the face powder will help the makeup to stay put. All you have to do is just dab it on your face and neck. But, do not forget to blend it with a foundation brush. It is handy, effective and saves a lot of time.

#2. Eyeshadow palette 

makeup essentials for brides

An elaborate eyeshadow palette with numerous colours is always better than having many single eyeshadow shades. It gives you endless choices to experiment with your look, especially when you will be the centre of attraction at your in-laws' house (at least for a few days). Use a lighter and softer shade in the morning. If you plan to dine out with your partner in the evening, use a darker one to get the smokey eyes effect. A hint of high volume mascara can also be used to define and highlight the eyes even more. 


#3. Blush and bronzer

makeup essentials for brides

Every newlywed bride must have two shades of blush on- one in pink tone and another one in a peach hue. It can either be in matte finish or shimmer. Just make sure that it suits your skin type. And, if not a blush, you can also use a bronzer. Apply it on your cheekbones and the neck area to give a lovely sheen. Also, preferably use a bronzer while dressing up for a party.

#4. Beauty Benefit cream or BB cream

makeup essentials for brides

All major beauty brands have introduced this new product called BB cream in the market. This is a ‘must product’ for all the newlyweds who want to save their time while getting dressed (without spending too much time) and yet look perfect. It gives an instant glow and helps you to even out your skin tone. So, team it up with kajal and lip gloss to begin your day.


#5. Set of makeup brushes

makeup essentials for brides

This is one of the most important tools which most brides often ignore in their makeup kits. These brushes help in giving you a neat and well-defined look. Ensure that your brush kit includes a foundation brush, an eyeshadow brush, a face powder brush and a blush applicator as well. Also, it is your prerogative to choose between a complete set of brushes or a few selected ones.  

So, make sure that you include all these ‘must haves’ in your makeup kit, and enjoy the admiration pouring in from all corners.



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