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We all love summer weddings. Longer days bring longer hours of enjoyment. While we all enjoy taking those sun-kissed selfies, it is very hard for a bride to select a hairstyle for herself during this time. Humidity and warm weather means frizzy and untamed hair. 

No bride wants to end up with sweaty hair that sticks to her nape! For all the summer brides, we have some amazing hairstyles that they can flaunt at their wedding without getting into gluey situations. So, here are the perfect bridal hairstyles for the summer weddings.

#1. Braids

Bridal Hairstyles For Summer Wedding

Braiding your hair is the perfect solution if you have long and thick hair which are hard to manage. There are so many types of beautiful braids, fishtail being the most loved one that you can flaunt on your wedding day. Add some real flowers to it to bring out the summer child in you.

#2. Top buns

Bridal Hairstyles For Summer Wedding

If you cannot handle hair sticking to your neck in the warm and sunny season, a top bun would be the best idea for you. Ask your makeup artist to give you a beautiful top bun and accessorise it with some fragrant gajras. This bun can help you to keep your dupattain place on the D-day.

#3. Side parted

Bridal Hairstyles For Summer Wedding

Side parted hairstyles work well in summers. Braid, twist or curl your hair and bring them on one side. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for mehendi and sangeet. You can add a beautiful hairpin at the back to make it look more elegant.

#4. Soft Curls

Bridal Hairstyles For Summer Wedding

Other than leaving your hair open in the summers, another thing that can irritate brides is the excessive use of hairspray and gel that can melt in the hot weather and create a sticky situation. To avoid that, get soft curls. Soft curls are playful and do not need a lot of attention.

#5. Messy ponytails

Bridal Hairstyles For Summer Wedding

When have ponytails ever gone out of style? A ponytail is every girl’s best friend in the summers. Give your everyday ponytail a different touch with some curls and twists. Tie it up with an embellished hair tie or a beautiful ribbon that matches the colour of your outfit.

#6. Half and half

Bridal Hairstyles For Summer Wedding

Half up and half down hairstyles look amazing on Indian traditional wear. No matter what the length of your hair is, this hairstyle will look amazing on you. This type of hairstyle will give you the benefits of open hair while keeping the frizz under control.

#7. Side bun

Bridal Hairstyles For Summer Wedding

Indian brides love to tie their hair in neat buns and since the weather will be warm and sweaty, this would be the ideal hairstyle for the brides. This is the perfect match for the brides who like to keep it simple and neat.

Getting married when the sun shines is an amazing experience. You can wear whatever you want without worrying about the cold breeze. The Earth bursts into beautiful flowers and trees, giving you the perfect natural setting for taking the vows. Don’t stress about your hair and enjoy your D-day.

Images Courtesy: Orange The Salon and Pinterest

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